Playing on the vids…

Establishing Shot: A city street alive with color; cabs not stopping for pedestrians, people hurrying in the rain, vendors yelling back and forth and all the general noise of any city street. Rain covers everything. The camera pulls back from this scene to draw us in to a dark ally. The colors are gone – the rest is shot only in black, white and a lot of grey. Over everything the sound of a steady rain is heard.

At the beginning of the alley is the Shadow. An outline of a man the Shadow doesn’t pause for a moment as he turns the corner to the alley and runs down straight at the camera. At the last moment he slides just under the camera’s POV and his footsteps are heard as he continues down the alley. The camera stays focused on the alley entrance. The city street beyond is now only white encased by the confining black of the building walls. Five black shapes run into view from the same corner as the Shadow. Odd hair (or horns?), leather jackets, boots and vicious smiles – they look like every ganger in every city in the world.)

(View from above at the end of the ally down a long wall. The Shadow has run out of time. He slides to a stop at the wall directly below the POV. From above we see he looks to the left and then to the right. No way out.. He spines to face the front of the alley.)

VO -There I am…at the end of my rope…

(The Shadow reaches in to his coat pocket.)
(Close up of a hand with a gun. Ammo check: Nothing.)

VO -Surrounded by rippers…

(The five rippers are slowly walking down the alley. One by one each pulls out a weapon and begins waving it around slowly as the camera focuses on them one at a time; a pair of butterfly knives, a three sectioned staff, a large bowie knife, brass knuckles and finally, a straight edged sword.)

VO – Am I worried…? Drek No! I’ve got my Doc Martin Implants™…

(Shot of the Shadow’s boots, as if by magic a wicked knife juts out from the front of each boot.)

VO – …and my razors…

(A view from behind as the Shadows hands drop to his side ready for action, razors slowly sliding from his knuckles.)
(Shot of the five rippers still in silhouette white eyes on the black background of their shapes suddenly open wide.)

(Headshot of the Shadow, a wide white grin with canine teeth slowly opens up and then quickly slides off camera.)
(fade to black)
(sound: Knife hitting a watermelon)
(and again)

Title Card

To Live and Die in LA...

ThomasAnderson Cersai Gozuja