To Live and Die in LA...

A date with Ghost Rider

...or how many people can get screwed in one evening

Senna was jumped in the back of the The Hunter’s Club by some bounty hunters. Turns out there is a big market for shape shifters.
With some trouble they were run off wherein some interesting things were reviled about the young cat shaman.

It was decided that it would best serve to raid a Lone Star station to remove her from the known undesirable listing.
Ghost Rider remembered Grissim and asked him to dinner and agreed to get copies of his ID tags for Lone Star – much to Hamfist’s everlasting joy.

The honey pot is set – now is the time to see if Lone Star’s security is up to the challenge. .


>>>this is fucked up. i feel bad for this guy. not enough to do something, but enough to recognize that this is fucked up.


A date with Ghost Rider

So in the end there is no defense against the “you have a bug problem” break in. No data was removed – just changed to make it as non-invasive as possible since Hamfist didn’t think he was up to the challenge of Lone Star’s flesh eating deckers.
So records were changed and ID’s mixed up.

Grissom shipped out a day or two later chasing some bad-ass in the desert but he did call.

A date with Ghost Rider

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