To Live and Die in LA...

A Night Among The Stars!

...Feel Good Time!

It wouldn’t be LA with out the glitz and glamor of stardom. One night work – bodyguard duty.
A chance to hob-nob with the better side of life – Swan is good for high end jobs.
What could be better, chummer?

>> No, We should do THIS one! Who doesn’t want a night among the stars? Plus, maybe we can steal their shit.

>> Ghost

>> I would also love a night among the stars. I absolutely want to do both. We should go with the one that isn’t time dependent.

>> Predator

Swan says the club date is Friday at the BarSinster. A low class place in the upper reaches of West Hollywood. He has tickets for you to meet the Mr. Johnson (Max Foley) who has full details. Swan is only setting up the meet. If nothing else it’s a chance to see Maria Mercurial live. Time to ride with LA’s biggest up and coming novastar!

’Puta Lyrics

Yo soy tu madre,
so dont’ frag with me.
I’ll mess you up bad if you disagree.
My time is money, you know that, carbon.
You got what you wanted, so don’t hang around.

Yo soy madre

Luvely puta, that’s what you say to me.
Hola, puta, I’m what you want me to be,
Till you get the thing you want, nothing’s too good for me.
But when you’re done
And you’ve had your fun, then it’s…
Puta, dirty puta, just get away from me…


Held up in the local no-tell-motel, a little five story affair on the east edge of the Barrens and Lomita, our intrepid runners find themselves with two tel numbers for one old manager, a new manager in a track suit and a novastar scitz. The price on their head isn’t worth turning themselves in and there isn’t a wet bar.
Wanted, not sure what’s going on, dumped the van with the bug on the top but the worst thing in the whole situation is the lack of bar, am I right?


So Maria is a hard drive but for what? The Azzies are interested; the yaks seem interested; but why? Will we ever find out? I doubt it. Armando and Maria are reunited and look like they might live happily ever after.
Despite Foley being out of the picture the runners plan on delivering Maria to the TV studio as planned. Early even. Job well done and drinks all around.
Nothing could be safer then the TV studio.

So set your cyber-eyes for channel 5/3 and Holly Brighton’s exclusive interview with MARIA MERCURIAL!!! It’s sure to be a blast!


TV is exciting! Early morning shows even more so! Yaks and Azzises and a dwarf, oh my!
In the end lots of dead people. Maria lived and made her interview and all well that ends well…except for people trying to kill and the motive but who needs all that?
Not Us!


Morgan was nice enough to exposition for us. Sometime during the weekend he wasn’t interested in the information considering how much it was costing him. Another manager went behind his back and tried to finish the job so we had the run at channel 5/3. This manager has been retired and Mr. Morgan claims the property in question is no longer important. He dropped by to let the Runners know he was out. It was up to them if they wanted to let Maria know about her past or not. No takers – Who cares?

Maris was married a few days later in a small private ceremony with just the Runners attending.

Her new album, Punta was released and crushed the charts – but you knew that already, didn’t you chummer?


“…both the hell hound and the baby were OK.
On to an announcement from both this reporter and Sat-5 Vid3, we would like to apologize for an error we made in a report earlier this day. We reported that Maria Mercurial was seen carried out of The Barrens this afternoon by a dragon, tentatively identified as Perianwyr.
We apologize to Ms. Mercurial, Perianwyr and most of all to you the viewer. You have come to rely on 5/3 for reliable reporting. In this instance we failed you. In verifying the story some edited video was used and the inter office matrix was hacked. These errors lead to miscommunication and the final error on screen as we showed it. No excuses – the burden was and always is on us to both safeguard and verify what we pass on to you – the most cherished viewer – as fact.
Once we realized the error we sent a message to Ms. Mercurial’s manager, Perianwyr and the Lone Star authority’s data division. We assure you that the offenders will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
In addition let me, Holly Brighton, assure you, the viewer, that I will personally oversee the verification process from now on. You have my apologies and thanks for your understanding.
Now on the entertainment news…”
Video loops.
Posted 2-25-50

>>>(Capt, Why is this listed under ‘News worthy’?)

>>>(Because it’s newsworthy. Less than two hours after showing vid of a dragon carrying the Quicksilver Queen across the LA scape the retraction is sent out. I’ve seen the vid: obviously faked. The question here is how did it even get on air and why did it take two whole hours for megacorp prom date 5/3 to even notice. The crazy MM fans freaking out should have made them think twice.)
—-Capt Chaos

>>>(I saw that vid! I almost choked on my stufferburger! The dragon is real. I think its Faye Ray from the old bw/2d vid King Kong stuck in his clutches. The question isn’t why was it up for two hours, but why was it put up at all?)

>>>(Because I’m awesome.)

>>>(FU Wiz. No way you did this. I was in the barrens that night doing some wet work. The hotel went up alright. Some drunk was crying about a dragon but I didn’t see anything like that. Bullet holes were everywhere. I find it odd that now the station is disavowing even the fire. Does anyone know ‘P’ ? Does he have that kind of pull?)

>>>(Dozer catches on to the real reason this is newsworthy and why its posted for conversation.)
—-Capt Chaos

>>>(Screw you Dozer.)

>>>(Pardon your miniscule presence?)

>>>(OK, back on to point. What is ‘P’ capable of?)

>>>(He’s not a player who plays alone, works with a human, Kyle Morgan, from somewhere in the UK. I don’t’ know where that partnership came from but Kyle is a mid-level big wig at Aztec. Whatever is going on be sure it involves the Auzzes. A friend of mine said there were runners involved at the Palm Motel – the place on fire that apparently wasn’t on fire but you can go see the flame blast if it pleases you. No idea how the MM fits in. Unless you wanna tell us, Wiz? Sarcastic eye roll)

>>>(Wizkid? Oh what a shame; not gone 5 minutes and I miss him already)


>>>(Great – We had Wiz hired for a job. BullDozer, You owe me a decker!)

>>>(LadyJye if he was your decker – you owe me. I will collect at BarSinster at a night of your choosing.)

>>>(Only if you bring a decker. I’m screwed.)
>>>(OK OK – I’ll send you one I work with. Meet me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.XX.RU)

>>>(Swell . No one answered the question – Why two hours? Who was at the Palm and What the hell is going on in southern LA?)

A Night Among The Stars!

The following is an excerpt from an interview that fist was aired on Sat/Com channel 5/3, February 24th, 2050.

Two years ago, a new sun burst in to view in the rocker sky. People everywhere heard a voice, which defied description; sing the opening verse of “Who Weeps for the Children?” Maria Mercurial had come to town. She’s the biggest thing in rock and roll since ME-109 made the scene in 2946. Some predict her influence will be as great as Concrete Dreams. Angry and awesome, plaintive and head-pounding by turns, her albums, “Night Tears” and “Punta”, have both sold millions of downloads.
In the last four days there have been numerous stories about you and recent attempts on your life and a possible kidnapping. I intended to ask her about them this morning. Unfortunately there was another attempt on her life here in our studios. The Quicksilver Queen still was willing to speak to us despite the attack showing that her chrome is more than skin deep.

HB: Maria thank you for speaking to me this morning – after all the excitement we’ve had here today. Are you all right?

MM: Damn straight I am – and I have every intention of making all my obligations and I want everyone to know that.

HB: Can you tell us what all this is about? I mean the attempt on your life? Changing managers and then changing back? What happened to Max Foley?

MM: No, I can’t. I honestly don’t know. Max, Max was a mistake. There are a lot of changes going on right now and I got a little confused. Armando is my man. I won’t’ be leaving him again. My past and future collided this weekend. For the last time.

HB: Maria, you came out of nowhere two years ago. Since then, you’ve been a mystery to your fans. Now all of this – What can you tell us about yourself?

MM: The only important things anyone needs to know about me are in the music, Holly. Where I’ve been isn’t worth drek. Where I’m going is all that you, or anybody, needs to know or has the fraggen right to ask. Do you hear what I’m telling you?

HB: Yow, Maria. Null perspiration. If you want the past dead and gone, you got it.

MM: I want it buried in a nameless grave.
HB: Right…

MM: I do want to say I’m saddened for the people who were hurt this morning. Your staff I mean.

HB: Thank you. I’m sure everyone will be fine. A lot of your music is aggressively anti-corp. Even ballads like “Who Weeps for the Children?” and “Shadow Storm” put it to them and songs like “Take It To Mister” damn near call for revolution. Do you imagine these attacks will continue?

MM: Too many years the corps have been sticking it to you, to me, to the “little people”. Before them it was government goons or the lord of the fagging manor or any oversized piece of slime that had the muscle to get people thinking he was the boss. When I wrote “Take It To Mister”, I wanted the slotting bastards in power to pay for their crimes.

The interview continues in to blander drek, upcoming dates, sinth-sound etc.…

And then the end:

MM: Last thing I want to say – is thank you to some friends of mine. This weekend was a ride and I would have not made it without them. You went above and beyond. Thanks guys.
That was all the lady had to say. She turned aside everything I asked after the small talk. It seems pretty clear to me and a lot of others that here we have a lady with as past. During the interview she shifted several times from on personality to another in the space of a sentence. We’ve seen it before. When Zango Wilkes of Astral Lightning suicided onstage a few years back, he’d been showing the same pattern. It’s the classic sign of a ROM-burner, a dreamchipper. Maria Mercurial has been a star for two years and since she’s still alive I can only hope that means she’s off the BTL’s. Cause boys and girls, this woman is for real and this reporter hopes to hear her voice for many years to come.

Holly Brighton
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A Night Among The Stars!

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