To Live and Die in LA...

An empty rest stop

...or Incident at Red Rock

While on Valley of the Giants going north to Sanjuro an empty rest stop was discovered. Many locals of the area had just vanished.
A not difficult investigation later turned up a man performing a ritual out in the desert.
One man ended and one ritual stopped.

The pit the toxic shaman was tossing people in had numerous drawing from early times that didn’t’ make to much sense. The local eagle shaman David Cha’Kwainwa said the ground was “spoiled” and needed to be cleansed. He would talk to his lodge and see what could be done.

The plan is to stop on the way back to LA and see if they need help.


So help was needed. So the local lodge had found a professor who was visiting UCLA from a school out east. Professor Glen Antwerp turns out was very interested in the drawings.
He claimed to have seen similar drawings in various places around the world. Not all exactly alike he was working on a doctoral thesis that would tie them all together and in to early language.
He was very excited.
The local native American shamans had gotten togeather and had plans for a ritual. Kyle, the grad student, had mapped out the local area seismically and discovered a chamber below with more of the drawings.
The shamans performed the ritual there with Senna’s help and the party watching over them for protection. This protection was needed, of course, the danger in this case took the form of alien shaped spirits the like of which had not been seen by anyone involved.
One a leaping toad, was sticky and large. The other was a spidery thing that studying it might seen human features – tortured souls made monster. These spirits had tentacles that stunned their opponents enabling them to eat their heads and remove their spines, all while still alive. The beings could only appear in area of dark and while trying to eat the shamans in their ritual also seemed intelligent enough to try to destroy the lights allowing a faster rate of arrival.

Worse still these creatures had a man who came personally at the end. If the creatures came from the dark. he was the dark.

With a touch he destroyed one for the Indian shamans. Turning to Ghost Rider he brought her to the brink of death and took that which makes all men better. In the final moments he was made discorporate and the monsters came no more.



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