To Live and Die in LA...


I'm wasted and can't find my way home.

The lights reflect off what used to be the 101. Experience tells you most of the next section still has road but the lane paint has long been worn off. Since you’re currently worried about raiders and mutant scorpions, lane weaving is not an issue. Moans come from the back and someone, Winger most likely, opens a beer. The adrenalin has worn off but the smell of blood hasn’t and likely won’t. That pre-run malaise sets in. Gotta get that back cleaned.
You turn on the trid that Hamfist installed so the Neanderthals with no headware can see the local stations as you’re all on the road. The screen flickers to life.

“…an emergency vote in Sacramento CFS has just taken place. Proposition 14 has failed buy a majority vote and, in light of the extreme circumstances, with the controversial last minute changes, enforcing the measure at midnight tonight. Simply put viewers; Los Angeles, The City of Angles, has been ejected from the CFS.
This unprecedented vote was called for by the President after word leaked out on the notorious hotbed of sedition and liberalism, Shadowland – located in the Denver neutral zone – leaked that ‘the fix was in’ so to speak. That it had already been decided by the President and the senate that LA should be left to its own fate. This vote was scheduled to be taken at the end of session in November.
Once word reached the trid-stations – panic set in. UCS military was put on high alert and it seemed that martial law was unavoidable. In addition to a call for peace the President also said he would take immediate command of the situation in “The immediate best interest of our most important citizens.”
Two hours later he called an emergency meeting of the legislator and Prop 14, which was to keep LA funded and part of the CFS was defeated. Ironically by the same margin predicted in the false documents unlawfully obtained by Shadowland.”
The image shifted from Holly Brighton to a city one fire.
“Long a bastion against the law of the CFS, the LA Free Zone, as it is now being called, has stood for liberalism and the smug elitist attitude that have prevailed out society for many a generation and I, for one am happy to see the CFS government tak-“
An empty beer can fries from the back of the van striking the panel at a random spot and the station changes.
“…on the scene, Mark?”
“Well Cindy as you can imagine there is quite a bit of rioting going on.” The ‘street’ reporter is in a helicopter flying between an area on some of the middle levels. Human and in his early twenties he looks too calm. “I haven’t seen anything like this since covering the Night of Rage. Too long have we sat by and –“
The image shows a large light stream out from the orange and black background. The image shakes – there is a scream –
Bump in the road – station change.
“…issued the following statement.” Another blonde talking head head turns and we cut too -
A man in a Lone Star uniform standing at a podium, the Lone Star badge looms behind him.
“Lone Star has looked at the contract for the CFS and has determined that the contract is for the Free states only. LA is welcome to negotiate its own contract and on receiving the usual bond and down payments we will be happy to continue to provide the top level of service that all Lone Star customers have come to expect.
In the meantime, Lone Star has begun an immediate pull out of all forces not covered under emergency situations. Emergency forces will be removed with the expiration of the Los Angeles contract when it formally leaves the CFS – tonight at 12:00 local standard. Any private individual and corporate contract will, of course still be honored. Anyone wishing to receive private Lone Star care is welcome to contact our matrix node at…”
“Flames have engulfed several levels and mayhem seems to have taken over the lower levels. Several of the higher levels blew the walkways reaching to them and a general evacuation of the city seems to be taking place by the superrich. Two midtowers have collapsed and several large explosions have taken place in the San Pedro Barrens area. In addition awaken creatures from the LA Zoo seemed to have escaped. Two spirits were seen outside the Chinese Theater blasting all grav cars and any one coming within a few meters of the theater….”
You reach out and turn off the trid. You can hear in the back Senna and Winger arguing over the last power bar. They seem very far away.
Fuel gauge is riding ‘E’. One of the tanks might have a hole in it. Gotta stop and steal some more gas soon.



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