To Live and Die in LA...

Universal Brotherhood Announcement

News Update!

The Universal Brotherhood today released the following announcement:

We regret to inform the brothers and sisters of the San Pedro Barrens that we will not be reopening the Chapter House that was, until recently, located within that district. While we regret this necessary action we must look to the safety of our brothers, sisters and the other innocents.
The numerous unwarranted attacks that have plagued our chapter houses in Seattle, Los Angeles, New Vegas and the various other cities worldwide culminated earlier this April in the total destruction of our newest house. The San Pedro Barrens needed our attention as much as any other place in the world and we sorely felt this need with it’s location being so close to home, the Octagon, in downtown Los Angeles.
While numerous donations have poured in to rebuild this much needed Chapter House; at this time we will continue to focus are attentions in other, deserving areas. Please, let it not be said that we have given up on San Pardo and the surrounding environs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We will have an increased presence in the area. We will be going door to door. We will be on every corner and in every dark place where humanity calls out with a need. We will fill that need…and when it is safe to return we will return with the largest Chapter House in the Americas. We will not be scared of those who obviously so need our help, those who must destroy that which they do not understand. We invite those who were part of the attack to search their hearts for what is missing and know that The Universal Brotherhood invites them to find what they are looking for – To join with those who understand – To get the acceptance that they so richly deserve.
We welcome then with open arms and complete forgiveness.



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