To Live and Die in LA...

Valley of the Giants

One Town with two rival gangs - so to speak

Gary –
I know it’s been a while but I could use some help. I don’t know if you’re still any good with a gun but if you are I could use some muscle. Here in Sanjuro things have gotten worse and worse. The local Water and Power goons have started putting the squeeze on the locals ever since the Mayor, Kam and the local bully boys have started seizing water from the shipments out of the local aquifer.
Sally’s worried and things are getting out of control. If you have the time and some friends I could use your help.



So in to Sanjuro they went. The two groups had the town pretty well divided.
Water and power had taken over a brothel and a local family house – across from the sheriff’s office. They had seized a number of the local girls for sport and in general was doing as they pleased.
The town Council had taken a warehouse on the end of the town. ‘Employed’ some locals and generally left the town alone except to fight over the well.
Deals were made and an orc from Reno turned up.
Water and power was betrayed as they were deemed to ‘rape-e’. Walls were shot through. People were shot through. All in all a good days work.
CIA was called by Predator. A third deal was struck. For Kam.
That night the town was celebrating the loss of Water and Power while Kam lit-out. Predator decided he didn’t want to be an extra in some 2-d vids about Jason Borne he had recently watched so nothing was done about her leaving.



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