To Live and Die in LA...

Zoo Story

and a night in the sewers

First pick up job from a real fixer. Help Mr. Johnson with a pest problem.
One rat swarm and a very sad incubus – no problem.
One croc (It’s an alligator!) under Sepulveda Blvd. later – and we’re minus one Lone Star trooper – big problem.

Followed by an escape with a Lone Star Sargent and it’s decided the croc (alligator) can have that section of the sewers.

Hell hounds led and a gabirel’s hound led to a genetic lab that sold various animals and a gentleman named Disball.
Working at the LA Zoo a showdown was in the works. From the primate habitat he attacked and quick work was made of him and his animals. However the only lingering question was how was a man not magically aware casting spells?



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