Gary "Predator"

A man who likes his Ares Predators.


Gary is just a simple guy with enhanced reflexes, plates beneath his skin, and a love affair with the Ares Predator. He’s not smart or strong or even terribly interesting. Most people would describe him as a dull man with obsession towards a certain model of heavy pistol produced by Ares Macrotechnology. He mostly talks about his various Ares Predators. The modifications he does to them. The different personalities each one has. The unanswered love letters he sends to the engineers responsible for it’s design. The obsession would be much more disturbing if he wasn’t a professional killer. Not that it isn’t disturbing, just less so than if he was, say, a mailman rather than a Runner.

Gary was born in LA and has spent the last few years working as a runner and gun store owner in Seattle. He claims to have just been released after four years in a secret Lonestar prison after a bad run. In reality he has never had any run-ins with the law and left town after the gun store he ran went bankrupt. He sleeps on his friend Jerry’s couch.


I’ve killed a lot of people with a lot of things, but The Ares Predator is without a doubt the best killing machine I’ve ever used. It feels beautiful in my hand like power. Cool and seductive. It has the perfect balance and seems to want to be in my hand, not slip forward or backwards out of my grasp. It fights back just a little when I pull it to make sure I’m serious and to be a little coy. It wants to be fire, but it doesn’t want to look like one of those guns. It kicks firmly to let me know that I’m firing a dangerous weapon, but not too much that I’ll lose my aim. It howls and screams as it discharges for a visceral thrill. The bullets make the most magical thud as they impact. Firing the Ares Predator is damn near sexual.

I have four of them now, Delilah, Veronica, Joan, and Jessica. They’re all Mark IIIs, except Jessica, not that I don’t like the Mark IV, I just like an older, more experienced weapon. I have Delilah and Veronica on me most days. Joan is in the glove box of my car and Jessica sits at home.

I have guns other than the Predators. Two actually. Shannon and Eliza.

Gary "Predator"

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