Maria Mercurial

Supernova music sim-star


A sim-sense singer star who made her way up from the shadows. Her first single was “Who weeps for the children?” hit #1 in 2048 and set the stage for the next two singles “Taken it to the Mister” and “Puta” to solidify her as a novastar.
Big in the shadows from her barrens background and her sly references to the SR lifestyle she is viewed as “homegirl” by most of the basin.


’Puta Lyrics

Yo soy tu madre,
so dont’ frag with me.
I’ll mess you up bad if you disagree.
My time is money, you know that, carbon.
You got what you wanted, so don’t hang around.
Yo soy madre

Luvely puta, that’s what you say to me.
Hola, puta, I’m what you want me to be,
Till you get the thing you want, nothing’s too good for me.
But when you’re done
And you’ve had your fun, then it’s…
Puta, dirty puta, just get away from me…

Maria Mercurial

To Live and Die in LA... mrtim