Young black haired girl in a black dress.


A regular at The Hunter’s Club this young girl has long black hair; sometime dyed with different colors but always predominantly black. She is fond of little black dresses and almost never has been seen with shoes. A slummer she started hanging at the bar not that long ago. Most people believe she sleeps on the streets except when Marcia lets her sleep upstairs at the bar.

Most nights she sits at the bar and compulsively plays the slot machine located in the corner using the winnings to buy drinks and bar food. Sometimes she is seen with a girl aged in her very early teens who just sits next to her and doesn’t speak. Jerry will often start his shift by putting out a plate of food for the pair and some milk.

Often alone if no one speaks to her, she will go a whole night only speaking to the bartender or Jerry. Those hitting on her get ignored and those not getting the hint are force fed the hint by Jerry.
Bounty Hunters tried to come and drag her off. For those not in the know – it’s illegal to be a shape shifter in the UCAS. There are several bounties for them from various different originations.
She reviled that she was captured in Amazomia (Brazil) and brought north. She escaped before being shipped to Aztechnology and has lived in LA ever since.

>> She looks like a innocent little girl but I saw her rip a man’s throat out with her bare hands. Well, her bare hands were glowing with arcane power and looked like claws. So probably something more like her bear hands.
>> Predator

>> That bad news – there are roports of Aztechnology buying all sorts of awakened creatures all over the Matrix. There are dozens of theory’s and non of them good. What would they pay for a shapeshifter/shaman?



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