Tag: Clinic


  • Sorayama

    Working out of his own clinic in the Chiba prefecture outside Tokyo, Japan the man is considered the top Chberware guy in the world. A true artist, he is known only to a few and the prices are VERY high. [[:maria-mercurial-1 | Maria Mercurial]] may very …

  • Cross Applied Technologies

    Located in Montreal, Quebec Cross Applied Technologies is considered a major player in the cyberware game. The data chip has the location and notes of their clinic - under their corp headquarters.

  • Hagen's Nu U

    Located in Denver this clinic isn't so much a clinic, per say, but a lab. The experiments listing under this lab are disturbing to say the least but Doc Hagen seems to be responsible for a lot of actual progress in the cybertechology field.

  • Renraku's LA Clinic

    The data chip with the listing of the delta clinics also mentions what most people have believed for years - there is a delta clinic under the Arcology in Los Angeles. Major supplies of computer tech and cyber tech there must certainly be more then one in …