The Halloweeners are one of the more stand out gangs currently in LA. Their symbol is a flaming Jack O’Lantern and their colors are black and orange. They have their beginning several years ago, but began in their present form a few years back when the original gang was decimated by a Renraku strike team. Since then the gang has been reincarnated with the idea of attacking Renraku. The gang’s boss, Slash-and-Burn, initiates new members by having them break into a corporate installation and by having them stand in a circle of flames for as long as he remembers being trapped in the burning ruins of the gang’s old headquarters (About 15 to 20 minutes). They are well known for using pyrotechnical weapons and for crazy stunts.

Update >>>Hamfist (10.18.50)
Leader: Slash and Burn, human. An increadbly skinny freak, he likes to burn those who appose his gang.

Lieutenants: 5
Zazz, a human mage and an original member who survived along with Slash. Zazz still suffers nightmares about fire and has a mental block against using any kind of fire spell.
Zany Janey, a human razorgirl and another original member. She loves to cut people-the more blood the better. Janey is Slash’s girl.
Honest Jack, a dwarf. He rescued Zazz. Slash and Janey from the fire, which also destroyed his home. He became the new first member of the Halloweeners and he wants every copper dead. He loves to shoot guns.
Sister Love, a female elf and a rigger. Sister is Zazz’s main squeeze.
Bobby Blue, a troll. He like hitting people – any people.

Gang: about 40 members
Superiorly armed and well fortified in an area that runs all through the Barrens but their true turf is mostly in the area due east of the docks, south of what used to be the contested area between the Bailbondsmen and the Grape Street Gang. They fund their crusade against Renraku with BTL chips, extortion and drugs.


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