Los Angeles Living Areas - up down and around

Street Level – the lowest level in the city, mostly for the poorer life styles and street punks to wander around so those living large don’t have to see them. This is where Los Angeles started and is the base level around the beach cities.
Levels 1-5.

Ground Level – As Los Angeles grew ‘up’ to accommodate the rising population and buildings. The Street Level was built up and over making a new ‘ground level’ of the city. Most of the construction is on supports over the older level of the city. As one moves east from the beach proper the buildings get taller and taller. Skywalks and elevated trains cross the suspended roads for the traffic of the wage slaves going from one place to another. This area covers most of the old city and certain areas are named for the cities they covered; Century City, West Hollywood, Lawndale, ect…
Levels 6-20

Upper Level – or the ‘Upper Deck’ is the next series of rises going in the upper reached as one goes east in to old Gardenia and east from there to surrounding the Downtown area. Most of the city rises to this level at one point or another. The mag cars start at this level joining the catwalks and train stops for the wage slaves to hustle to their jobs for the superrich and megacorps.
Levels 21-60

Top Level – the highest Los Angeles reaches. Magcar ways and other flying vehicles dot the skyline that sometimes manages to rise above the pollution that stains the lower levels. Only the best here, chummers. Wipe your combat boots before going.
Levels 61+

Levels roughly are equivalent to about 2-4 stories. It varies from place to place depending on the time of construction and what had to be built above. In game terms the biggest factor is time going from one level to the next, safely that is. Once the level and area of a location is entered is assumed that you are at that local. Anything closer will be drawn out on the map.

The Subway – or the underground. Under the city of LA is a network of old attempts (since the 1940’s) to build a subway. These tunnels connect with the sewer system reaching most of the beach cities and inland. Many expatriates live here or those who can’t live above. If one is brave enough The Subway is the perfect place to hide.

Los Angeles Living Areas - up down and around

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