Red Shirt Brigade

The Red Shirt Brigade

Lone Star officer – not notable himself but that he was eaten by a croc (alligator) living under Sepulveda Blvd is awesomely noteworthy.

Max Foley – Kneecapped and in a motel set on fire from a dragon, money stolen and wanted by the Yaks for a debt he can no longer pay. If he’s alive he isn’t happy.
And has a bad limp.

Geyswain – Dragon corrupted by idol in In a Bottle. Shot by Predator with a missile. In the eye. Turns out he is allergic to missiles in his eyes.

Kute – Killed in the Valley of the Giants During a raid on Water and Power;s buildings.

Hex Angles – One of the gangs in the scramble for the money in Yoman’s Heist. Killed by some unknown mercs.

Red Shirt Brigade

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