To Live and Die in LA...

A Tale of Two Gangs

It was the best of times...

A Tale of Two Gangs

In the San Pedro Barrens two gangs have been going at it pretty heavy but a truce has been talked about. The Bounty Hunters and the Grape Street Gang gangs are coming to a summit in the ruins of the old harbor, near Third street, Yoman has a rep from the Grape Street Gang that would like hire some extra muscle. All you guys have to do is stand there while the truce is settled and look tough.
Easy money, right?

>>Two gangs, both alike in dignity,
>>In fair San Pedro where we lay our scene,
>>To epic summit from old mutiny,
>>When ganger blood makes ganger hands unclean.

>>Between the fatal guns of these two foes,
>>A group of runners risks their lives,
>>Whose misadventures piteous overthrow,
>>Do with their job bury the ganger’s strife.

>>The fearful chaos of their death mark’d groove,
>>And the continuance of the street punks’ rage,
>>Which, but the runner’s blood, not could remove,
>>Is now the two hours traffic of our stage.

>>The which of you with patient ears attend,
>>What hear shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

>> Predator

>>We should total do this one.

>> Predator

>>Also, Death Mark’d Groove has got to be the best band name ever.

>> Predator

Yoman reports the meet is set for Wednesday night.
So the ambush was set in the gym. So everyone thinks. A couple of snipers and a towel fight later were about an hour from the biggest social gathering this gym has seen in a while.
There was a run on the gym. There was dead guys in the gym. Predator met his match and by that we mean someone who almost did as much damage as he did – once.
’Explosions – turns out every car in the barrens is running gasoline and goes all Hollywood explosion on everyone – Mythbuster style.
Senna is hard to kill.
End of story.


Playing on the vid screen at the Hunter’s Club:
Excerpt from a news vid “Eye on LA! With Sara Morgan”…
“…further violence in the open area between the beach cities and Laguna formally know as the Long Beach and San Padro Harbor.
In old Long Beach High an explosion rocked the parking lot in the early evening hours last night. This old high school parking lot, just south of the antiquated aquarium, burst in to flames. Several bodies of a gang that operates nearby was found in the blast area burnt to a crisp. Several more gangers were found inside the school itself where a shootout had taken place.
The gang, calling themselves; “The Bounty Hunters” have been operating in The Barrens area for some time. No group has, as of yet, claimed responsibility for the killings but the blast appears magical in nature according to Lone Star. There are no current suspects.
Lone Star has long neglected the Barrens located just south of this great city and in this reporters opinion if this violence and blight continues to be allowed to grow…”
“Hey! Put the game on! No one cares about this crap!” Sam-I-Am cries out as he also tosses some chips at the vid screen.
A few other patrons follow suit so Marcia flips a switch and The LA Bashers flash on the screen to general acclaim.

A Tale of Two Gangs

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