To Live and Die in LA...

Missing Blood

Just a missing trinket...

Yoman meets you at The Hunter’s Club one afternoon.
Marcia comes over and waits for an order. Yoman hands her 20NY,
“Nothing for me right now.” the money assuring you won’ be disturbed while there is biz to discuss.
Marcia vanishes.
“There’s be an Renraku boss-man who needs a personal job. I looked the man up – he’s as clean as an elf baby bottom, mon. He never dealt with the shadows before so little man is scared but needs to cover his white ass.”
Yoman is looking longingly at the other patrons drinking. He starts speaking a little quicker.
“The man wants it quiet. Real quiet. So he wants to hire you. He wouldn’t give me the specs. Just the mon gave a present to a biscuit and he needs the little shiny back and the girl is riding the subway. I wouldn’t set the price without the ’tails but you can meet the mon at Noodle House in two hours. He wearing his mon colours on his noose.”
He stands up and starts trying to catch Marcias attention.
“Let me know chummer-mons.”
Yoman walks away.


The job was simple. Girl ran away with bauble – recover said item and return it to the Johnson before his anniversary. OK nill sweat.
Detective missing – nill sweat – he fell in love with the mark anyway
Tarot card reader had nothing to say.
Thugs outside PI’s office had nothing to say.
Tarot Card reader was something else. The creatures that killed her were something else else.
Like bugs.
Fly’s and Ants to be precise.
Ozy is sending a friend.
Left turn indeed – its safe to say there is no greater left turn in the shadows.
Next update wil be far more interesting then this one…


The The Universal Brotherhood is a brotherhood alright. A collection of bug hives.

Penumbra, the detective, was on the run. Having gained the attention of the UB in an ill conceived visit to their newest chapterhouse in the barrens of San Pedro he was jumped. Hiding out at Superdads the party finally met up with him. Comparing notes it was decided that the young lady was in trouble and needed rescuing – even if she didn’t’ know it.
Dale’s Dead ’O Bug Exterminators have a blind date with destiny – and it looks like she ordered the lobster. .



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