Special items obtained – one way or the other…

A Night Among The Stars!
Sorayama designs for cybermods that can be installed at 25% to 50% less essence cost. Install cost x2 the normal price. There are five files.
Each file contains plans for one item of cyberware and each can only be used once. It’s a fair bet the Sorayama will know if these are instead sold on the open market.

A fragment of a file showing genealogy listing from the Midwest. This file shows a slow progression eliminating possibilities in a quest for a 20-something woman with little or no disease trouble.
Meaning unknown.

In a Bottle
A small idol – was a power 12 fetish. Now a burnt out statue.

A Date With Ghost Rider
Grissim’s Lt. I.D. credentials and a Lone Star vehicle VIN and computer I.D tags.

An actual WWI Lange Pistole 08 (Luger)
A working Charleville Model 1766 musket
Crusader Dagger
One pearl handled revolver – in a belt for two

Deserts and dinos
Fragmented Files from Cyclic Order


To Live and Die in LA... mrtim