Amazonia is one of the most important Awakened Nations, and one of the few countries to have a dragon as head of state. Located in the northeast of South America, Amazonia territory spread over the Orinoco and Amazonian basin and the Brazilian plateau. It enclaves Venezuela, and also has land borders with French Guiana, Aztlan, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.


In 2034 awakened forces led by three great dragons capture of the city of Brasilia and the Brazilian government is forced to surrender. In the aftermath of the revolution the great dragon Hualpa declares the creation of the new nation of Amazonia.

In 2049 Amazonia annexes Venezuela and half of Colombia. The following year Aztlan forces seize a portion of Venezuela from Amazonia.

Tensions have been high between Aztlan and Amazonia for some time. Extensive PR campaigns have been launched attacking each other.


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