In a Bottle

There you are – sitting at Haruki’s Noodle House spending just a little money on food that might actually be food and not some by-product of a chemical reaction when a chubby man starts waddling over to you. It’s obvious with his gait and look in his eye that you are the one he is seeking. He is all set up in what would be tres chic clothes, indeed, if they weren’t the worse for wear.
Manacled to his right wrist is a black alloy briefcase. Obviously a courier’s case, it seems strangely out of place with this man. He looks at you with weary, haunted eyes and speaks in a high cracking voice.
“Thanks to the stars. We must talk at once. You can’t know what I have had to do to find you. Let us retire to the back of this establishment and enjoy our midday repast. Come. Time is of the essence and there is business to discuss.”
Ah, the magic word. Business. Grabbing your drinks and bowls, you head to the back of the bamboo covered noodle house. The portly man slides into the corner, his back to the wall. He has taken the choice seat, but so would you if he hadn’t done so first.

“My name is Topal,” the man says. “I require the services of several bodyguards to accompany me to a business meeting tomorrow morning. I have sought you out because of your recent successes.” The praise sinks in as he looks over the menu. Barely giving it a thought, he orders three bowls and two fried dishes.
“The location must, of course, remain a secret, but I can tell you it will take no more then three hours of your time, start to finish. In return for you protection, I will pay you 5,000 nuyen each. Am excellent price for such a short piece of work.”

As the waitress serves the first of his three meals he awaits your response…

>>>(Him trying to sell us on the time makes it real fishy sounding. I’ve had trips to stuffer shack that took longer.)

>>>(Quick body guard job with decent pay? There’s probably a dragon and a mega corp wet works squad he isn’t telling us about. Should be fun. Milk runs are boring. I didn’t get all this work done to stand around and look intimidating. I am too strong to war with mortals. Bring me giants.)

>>>(Nothing good comes easy, boys. I would have to have more of a death wish than I have to do this without more info.)

>>>(Okay, okay….is anyone else curious as to what’s in that briefcase chained to his wrist?)

>>>(Let’s see what the man has, how hard can it be? I’m sure it will be fine!)


Topal was a Raven shaman but not for long after he was known to the runners. The drop was in far south end of the Barrens. As a side show there is a new gang recruiting, The Asphalt Devils.
The switch, of course, went south. Topal gave the case to Ghost Rider and went in to make contact. He was surprised at who was there; a dangerious looking elf.
The elf said not to worry about the missing first buyer but Topal balked.
Special Forces from Lonestar showed up – just for fun.
The elf tried to kill Topal but failed, both a power bolt and a grenade. Topal’s luck ran out when he was shot in the head by a sniper in the yard somewhere.
Plus side, the runners got an up close look at a citymaster – bad side, the runners got a close look at a citymaster.

So Runners are running again. Like it’s a cliché or something.

On the Vid:
As you watch as old picture of you dissolves in to fuzzy images of the other runners. A blond elf newscaster informs the populace that you present a clear and present danger to them.
“Be advised, these individuals are armed and should be considered extremely dangerous. They have already clashed with Lonestar forces, leaving several officers injured. Consider these individuals to be Class A felons. If you spot any of them do not attempt…”

All This over a silly little statue.

Hardly seems worth it.


The dog shaman recommended by Ozymandias had the right idea but the wrong dragon. The dragon she sent the Runners to wasn’t’ strong enough to fix the trouble. Geyswain was corrupted by the idol.
A feathered serpent – XXX – corrected their mistake and together a raid was made on Geyswain;s holdings.
The idol had taken the dragon and left a horror show in the building of slaughtered people and broken minds. The runners took the elevator to the top and faced the taken dragon.

In a Bottle

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